Illustration and Design by Rebecca Syracuse


If you’re interested in a commission feel free to private message your requests! 

I don’t know what this is about. Life is weird sometimes.

Hey friends! Here’s an updated flyer for the pattern show up in CT!! Should be a ton a amazing work! Check it out! 

Adult swim for adults who can’t swim

HEY FRIENDS! I’m still alive! Life has been crazy lately with graduation frenzy, internships, moving, and then my computer crashed and I lost EVERYTHING. So while that is being sorted out, and while I re-downlod all of my adobe software/ get over the emotional trauma of not backing up my recent work, here’s a personal piece I did just before things got really crazy. Expect new work soon! (Probably.)

Side note, I just got really into Hellboy???

COOL NEWS!! I’ve reluctantly joined the age of technology and I’ve made a twitter! You can follow me @BeccaSyracuse if you like cute things, or art, or if you wanna say hi! (I guess, I don’t really know how twitter works to be honest) NEAT!!!!!!!

My spooky mug design for the Eastern State merch project. I’ve been experimenting with how I create characters, and this definitely pushed me well beyond my limits. Even though it didn’t get picked, this was another really good learning piece for me! 

I’m officially OBSESSED with candy and patterns

COOL NEWS! Penguin Rodeo and Kites are available on Society6! ALSO, now I have a Society6! Woohoo!