Illustration and Design by Rebecca Syracuse

I’ve been trying my hand at pattern-making. Here’s a preview of Penguin Rodeo and Kites!

Designs for a set of facebook-chat stickers are finally finished! Woohoo! 

A portrait of the artist as a young dad. (Part of a much larger collection of designs for Facebook chat stickers)

PB is hands down my favorite Adventure Time character and I haven’t done a personal piece in ages! This isn’t canon with anything, and I doubt Princess Bubblegum is trained in the art of candy surgery, but I’m glad I got this out of my system. (Now I guess I have to do homework WOMP)

HOLY COW! Lab Rats received an honorable mention at the ELY senior thesis exhibition/competition at the University of the Arts! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME, YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT ARE THE REASON I’VE SURVIVED THE PAST FOUR YEARS! +CONGRATS TO ALL OF THE WINNERS/ SENIOR CLASS! I’m so blessed to be a part of such a talented class of artists.

Kit CoverExperiment cardNotebook coverexperiment card backKit Folder Back

HEY COOL NEWS! The thesis show went up this week! Here’s some images from my project, the Lab Rats Home Science Kit. It’s essentially a folder of easy, fun science activities kids can do at home. Its purpose is to make learning about science accessible, fun, and cool! The final kit will come with a sheet of tattoos, a notebook, an envelope full of supplies, and a stack of experiment cards. As the final product is dimensional, these flat images don’t quite do justice to the finished piece, so expect photographs in the near future of the finished folder/kit!

It only took me a year to revisit was was originally a crappy acrylic painting, but I built this old gig poster in illustrator today, sans type (I’ll get to that when I have more free time). It’s unreal to think a year ago I was working traditionally!!!

Promotional tattoos arrived today!!!!v GET STOKED

Not too sure how I’m feeling about the illustrated/ hand-lettered identity. I might just use a typeface after all. Or maybe just the hand-lettering. I don’t know at all. Defining myself is really hard.